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Quechua, our ancestral language during the Inca Empire, reflected a time when the concept of "duality" held great significance in the Peruvian way of life. Our ancestors, in their pursuit of understanding life, embraced a practice of categorising everything into pairs. The intricacies of our language mirrored this, lacking a precise term for "HAPPINESS." For us, comprehending this profound emotion requires a shared experience—with a partner, family, friends, neighbours, pets, and beyond. It's in these connections that the true essence of happiness comes to life, woven into the fabric of communal bonds.  


KUSIKUY embodies the essence of happiness, a sentiment deeply understood by Peruvians through the act of sharing those cherished moments.


Always to share

Kamcha (V)    4
salted Peruvian corn

Aceitunas (V)   5
marinated olives in orange and Peruvian herbs

Empanadas x2   7 
a) Carne (beef)
b) Maiz y queso (corn and  hard ncheese) (VG)
c) Aji de gallina (chicken, peruvian yellow chili stew)

Papa Rellena   7
Peruvian potato croquette with yellow chilli mayo (olives, egg, beef)

Chicharrón Nikei    9
Slow cooked pork belly with sweet corn pure

Jalea Real   9
Crispy calamari, fish, Peruvian tartare sauce

Yuquitas fritas   7
Cassava fries with yellow chilli mayo

Causa Limena 9
spicy mash potato,mayo with season filling, lime

Ceviche y más

Ceviche classico   12
Fish of the day, sweet potato, kamcha, red onion, lime, chilli, tiger milk

Ceviche de carretilla   15
Fish of the day, sweet potato,  white corn, lime, chilli, tiger milk, crispy squid

Pollito Andino   17
1/2 Grilled chicken marinated with Peruvian herbs, huacatay, chips, hucatay mayo

Costillas Nikkei   19
Slow cooked pork belly baby ribs, nikei barbecue, peanut, and herbs

Anticuchos Veganos  15
Marinated and confited , portobello mushrooms skewers 100% vegan with hand chips and huacatay dips.

Aji de gallina.   22
Pulled chicken supreme,rice  ajiamarillo,walnuts,parmesan,garlic,egg,black olives


Papas fritas (V)    4
Hand cut chips

Camote frito (V)    4
Sweet potato fries

Ensalada mixta   4
Mixed salad


Peruvian tartare   2.5
Chimichurri of the house  2.5


Inka cola  4
Coke   3.5
Diet Coke  3.5
Fanta   3.5
Chicha morada glass 4.    bottle 12

Homemade drink, purple Peruvian corn, cinnamon, lemon

Cusqueña 330ml  5.5
gluten free beer 
No alcoholic beer.  5

Cider   6


 El clasico Pisco Sour   11
Classic Peruvian cocktail, pisco acholado, lime.
Pisco Sour maracuya   12
Passion fruit pisco sour
Chicha Sour  13
Chicha morada, pisco mosto verde, bitternes
 Pisco Spritz  13
Pisco passion fruit macerado, pineapple,prosseco
Chilcano 11
Pisco quebranta, ginger, lime
Chabuca 12
Amaretto,pisco,strawberry pure.
Pisco Punch 11
Quebranta pisco,orange juice,tonic 
Barranco 12
cartavio Rum , orange juice, banana
La pituca 12
Gin, St germain, strawberry, ginger 
Chan - Chan 12
Vodka, lime juice , syrup, white peach
White Wine
Intipalka Chardonnay.  8.  32
Sauvignon Blanc.          8.   32

Red Wine
House red
Intipalka Malbec  9.    34
Intipalka Tannat.   9.   34
Iintipalka Syrah.    9.   34


About Peruvian Cuisine

In recent years, Peruvian cuisine has gained widespread popularity, celebrated for its diverse cultural influences and a rich tapestry of ingredients. From an array of potatoes and peppers to the prominent inclusion of fish, Peruvian cuisine is a harmonious blend of flavors. Our aim is to offer you a culinary journey that brings a small but authentic taste of our country to your plate, crafted with genuine Peruvian ingredients.

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